Protect your smile. As dentists, it is our job to evaluate the overall health of your mouth in order to give you a proper diagnosis to help you make informed decisions regarding any treatment options presented. Our core prevention services are delivered in order to detect and protect you from oral pathoses and dental diseases as well as to identify any restorative needs observed during our examinations of your oral cavity.  Together, we can create a treatment plan that outlines the steps required to properly address the needs that we've diagnosed but that also addresses any of your specific concerns. Working together we can achieve an outcome that keeps your smile healthy and happy.

Our office is outfitted with the latest, state-of-the-art dental technologies to help us provide you with the best diagnostic and preventive services currently available in the field! One of the most important aspects of our relationships with our patients is earning your trust and confidence in our team. We feel this is much more easily established by always being up-to-date with our technology so we can offer you the most advanced services available today.


Correct your smile. If you require any type of surgery, you can rest assured you are in good hands. Collectively, our team has over 80 years of experience in the dental field and can provide you with most surgical procedures should you require them. When things might be more difficult, we have a great roster of specialists to call upon for assistance with your care. 

We have provided our patients with literally thousands of procedures over our years in practice and have been improving our patients' smiles and their oral health one procedure at a time. 

On the day of surgery, we will take every precaution necessary to make you comfortable. If you prefer to be sedated, we do offer oral sedation services. Your comfort is our top priority so please let us know what we can do to put you at ease. We firmly believe that part of providing excellent service extends to properly managing any anxieties related to such services. We wish to take the best care of you in every way - from managing your fears to performing excellent procedures to managing any post-operative concerns. Your care begins before you arrive and continues even once you’ve left the office.


Facial Aesthetics

Beyond the smile. For those that wish to enhance things beyond their smiles, we are pleased to offer our patients elective cosmetic procedures or referrals to help achieve them overall facial harmony. The key word here is elective, as we will only ever discuss such treatment options if you first express an interest in them. No one needs such procedures, but in our experience we have witnessed first hand how such enhancements can truly boost one’s confidence and personal well-being.

If you happen to be considering any cosmetic improvements, please do not be afraid to simply ask us about how these procedures can positively affect your appearance and your outlook on life. As with any services that we offer our clients, if your individual needs are beyond what we can provide for you, we are always happy to refer you to our colleagues that may be better suited to address your needs.

With our many years of daily injection experience, we offer you the expertise and precision to help. This positions us very well amongst the dermatologists and cosmetic surgeons offering similar options. We also work these very same professionals to ensure that you are receiving the best comprehensive solutions to your needs. We understand that there may be some issues that we are unable to address and will refer you to the person best suited for your desired outcome when required.


How else can we help? In addition to preventive and corrective dental services, we are also pleased to offer our patients:

  • Mild to moderate orthodontic corrections - with referrals to Dr Sam Daher for more complex needs
  • Night-guards/occlusal bite therapies for TMJ patients
  • Snoring appliances or appropriate referral for such
  • Assignment of dental benefits




Repair your smile. If a tooth has had decay removed, has been broken or worn, or has had a root canal, it needs to be restored. While this repair procedure may take the form of fillings, inlays, onlays, or fixed prosthetics, rest assured that in each instance, our team will invest the time, attention to detail and care necessary to restore your teeth as closely to their original form as possible.

To meet the individual preferences of our patients, we offer a variety of options including white composite resins, porcelain, or cast gold. 

While we do not offer our patients the placement of amalgam (“silver” or “mercury”) fillings, if you feel that this is the best option for your particular needs, we are always happy to refer you to a colleague that is able to provide you with such materials.


Fill the gaps. For whatever reason, we sometimes need to remove a tooth or several teeth. Many people don’t think much about this, but the removal of a tooth that is required for proper functioning has consequences that most never consider. How seriously would you consider the removal of a finger? Most people don’t properly address the issue of how a missing tooth can affect their mouths or their overall health and nutrition requirements.

If you have missing teeth that have not been replaced you may think that you can function just fine without them, but the reality is that unreplaced missing teeth have an impact that is far greater than most would consider - and the effects of not replacing them may not be evident for years or even decades following their removal. Even just one missing and unreplaced tooth can cause havoc for not only the bite, but also for the jaw joint and long-term bite stability.

If you are missing teeth and you feel that you are ready to discuss the options available to you for effectively replacing them, please let us know and we would be happy to review the various options available to you for addressing your concerns. We provide a full range of options for the replacement of missing teeth from removable prosthetics (full and partial dentures) to bridges to titanium implants. We can help you to decide which option is best for you.



Enhance your smile. A beautiful smile is truly in the eye of the beholder and many out there forget just what doors an amazing smile can open. The most important thing isn’t necessarily the look of your smile, rather it is that you are routinely using it and sharing it with the world around you! 

Given that every smile is as unique as the patient we offer a wide range of commonly performed yet customized cosmetic options. Our cosmetic services range from teeth whitening, single tooth restorations and space closures all the way to single or multiple veneers through to full smile makeovers. We are also pleased to offer Invisalign treatments to help our patients correct mild to moderate crowding or spacing issues. 

With cosmetic dentistry, the sky is really the limit; but we will never encourage you to make any changes that you have not specifically asked for or inquired about. We feel very strongly that if you are happy with your smile, then we are as well. If you are not happy with your smile and you indicate this to us we can then discuss any options available to you to address your particular concerns. Our goal is to simply keep you smiling - it’s one of your strongest assets and it is our desire to keep it healthy and at its best.

Ongoing care and maintenance helps us to help you to keep smiling! If there’s one thing that the field of dentistry has managed to really do well in a relatively short time, it is to show us that prevention and regular maintenance really does help to maintain not just your oral health, but also your overall health. We’ve gone from no teeth to no cavities in two or three generations - that’s a pretty impressive accomplishment to say the least!